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Regulatory Compliance

Aqua Terra is proactive in managing our relationships with regulators – ensuring that when we first enter into a new area we reach out to local regulatory bodies. This allows us to take the first steps towards establishing respectful, responsible and dependable relationships with those bodies. At Aqua Terra we feel this is a key step in achieving regulatory compliance and maintaining our trustworthy reputation.

We take proactive steps to establish respectful, responsible, and dependable relationships with regulators.

Compliance with all regulatory bodies for is crucial for the success of Aqua Terra’s growth goals. Aqua Terra strictly follows the Fluid Disposal and Oilfield Waste Management Directives as defined by the following AER Directives:

  • Directive 051 – Injection and Disposal Wells – Well Classifications, Completions, Logging, and Testing Requirements (Latest release: March 1994)
  • Directive 058 – Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry (Latest release: November 1996 addendum added December 23, 2008)

Aqua Terra employs a regulatory management specialist who ensures that all of our clients emulsion and water disposal needs are processed in a responsible manner that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Customer questions regarding approved / unaccepted waste products are answered fully by our regulatory staff. Training and education in this area are extensive for Aqua Terra staff and are available to our customers upon request.

Passed third-party WRAP audit with ranking of 5/5 or 90%. (June 2012 )


We are committed to being a proactive leader in our industry. If you have a question, concern or wish to share your experience of our proactive approach to working with our customers, partners and communities, please contact our customer or community relations department.

Railroad Commission of Texas, Oil & Gas Division

General Fluid Disposal Facility Acceptance Flowchart

Well and Waste Descriptions Flow Chart

Alberta Energy Regulators

Saskatchewan Government Oil & Gas

British Columbia Energy Regulators

North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil & Gas Division

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