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  • Founded in 2013 as a platform investment company, Aqua Terra Water Management, L.P. (“Aqua Terra” or the “Company”) is a growth-oriented complete water management and logistics company providing water disposal, recycling and pipeline ”midstream” services to onshore U.S. and Canadian oil and natural gas producers.
  • Aqua Terra currently owns and operates 30 facilities across some of the most active oil and gas regions in North America.
  • The Aqua Terra Operations and Development team has one of the most experienced teams in the Water Management business with over 95 years of combined experience.
  • The Company’s management team has built and/or operated numerous different facilities across the United States and Canada.
  • Today Aqua Terra receives over 55% of its water volumes in the company through pipelines with the Permian Basin receiving over 90% of its volumes through pipelines
  • Aqua Terra’s state of the art facilities are designed to handle all of E&P’s water management issues, including recycling.
  • A recent partnership with a proven water filtration and technology company with 100+ years of operations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia has added a cost-efficient method for providing a water recycling capability for Producers’ fracking projects.
  • The Company is on pace to process and dispose over 75,000,000 bbls of water in 2019 with over 55% of the water delivered through pipeline infrastructure.

Aqua Terra

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